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Assure Arman Beauty House

Assure Arman Waist Trainer

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Assure Arman Beauty House Waist Trainer

Adjustable Waist Belt Slimming Zipper Neoprene Waist Clincher during exercise, the compression stimulates thermal activity in your core which increases perspiration, allowing toxins to escape.


1. Front zipper keeps a tight fit around your waist to achieve the long-lasting waist-cinching effect as you lose weight;

2. Attach a layer of the belt for firm waist control, flatten the stomach and slim your tummy;

3. Adjustable sticker straps for easy adjustment and secure closure and make sure that the belt is fastened tightly around the abs;

4. Eco-friendly Neoprene helps with weight loss and waist sculpturing and shaping;

5. Enhance your silhouette in this smoothing waist clincher.